Alpari’s trading turnover exceeded 133bn USD in January

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The international financial Alpari brand’s trading turnover in January 2018 across key markets reached 133.7bn USD, marking a 7% increase on the previous month.

The main driver behind this growth was increased trading activity on Alpari’s most popular currency pair; EURUSD, which led to a 27% increase in turnover on the instrument. This increase in activity was down to higher volatility on the pair as well as the fact that the euro hit a 4-year high against the dollar in January. We also saw marked growth in turnover on some of our other most popular instruments, most notably the USDJPY and EURAUD currency pairs, which posted increases on December’s values of 12% and 54% respectively.

January was also marked by an important corporate development as Alpari extended its sponsorship deal with Grandmaster Sergey Karyakin into 2018. Alpari will provide the chess player with financial backing as he undergoes preparations for the Candidates Tournament in Berlin later this year.

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