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Alpari’s PAMM service trade turnover tops $133.2 bln in 2020

15 March 2021 09:21

Dear clients,

By the end of 2020, the number of active clients of Alpari’s PAMM service exceeded 20,000 investors from over 60 countries around the world. The average monthly trading turnover of the PAMM service totaled over $11.1 bln. At the same time, the total 12-month trading turnover of PAMMs exceeded $133.2 bln.  The Alpari PAMM service continues to rank confidently as a top leader among financial investment products due to its ease of use, high returns and remote functionality since users can manage accounts and portfolios from anywhere in the world at any time using the Alpari Invest mobile app.

Overall, by the end of 2020, the service had 3,069 active PAMM accounts and 859 PAMM portfolios. PAMM accounts currently have 19,223 active investors and 2,373 managers. On average, the highest return that a PAMM account showed over the past year was 854%, while for a PAMM portfolio this indicator is 99%. The minimum investment is $50 in a PAMM account, and $100 in a PAMM portfolio, which makes these instruments affordable to a wide range of investors.

To remind, the PAMM service was developed and rolled out by international brand Alpari and has enabled investors around the world for over 13 years to earn passive income on the FX market without having to trade on their own. All you need to do is invest in a suitable product and receive income together with the managing trader. For the convenience of choosing a PAMM account in the open rating, the company's website offers special distinctive features that help to determine the leaders in terms of active and conservative strategies, the duration of positive returns, the best risk/return ratio, the highest profitability, the largest number of investors, the biggest amount of funds in management, the longest time in existence, etc.

Best regards,

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